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Aluminum surface wastewater treatment technology

China currently has more than 600 aluminum production companies, producing more than 200 million tons of aluminum per year, along with a lot of waste water discharge also constitutes serious environmental pollution.

     Aluminum exterior disposal large quantities of water, wastewater and more happened, continued emissions of harmful substances in wastewater. Certainly not be disposed of as environmental pollution. Accompanied together with Chinese tax on emissions, the company will add cost and responsible. Thus, social responsibility and benefit from the company's two considerations, waste water disposal is necessary and essential. The author summarizes years of aluminum appearance disposal and wastewater treatment technology research and apply the experience, come up with a viable wastewater disposal and reuse options for peer reference.

     1, aluminum exterior origins and types of wastewater disposal

     Wastewater disposal have degreasing aluminum appearance before and after the disposal of washing water acidic and alkaline washing water after alkaline etching, after etching acidic washing water, acid washing water after oxidation, containing color after Ni2 +, Sn2 + , waste acid acidic washing water, electrophoretic coating ion exchange equipment occurs, waste alkali and minority electrophoretic coating wastewater. Mixed waste water acidic, rich Al3 +, Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Sn4 +, Na +, Cr3 + and other cations and SO42-, F-, NO3-, Cl-, AlO2-, Ac- and other anions, as well as the appearance of the active agent and propylene acid resins and other organic matter. Have spent sulfuric acid waste neutralization occurs skimmed, waste nitric acid and sulfuric acid oxidation of waste, waste water coloring occurs, acrylic liquid waste electrophoretic coating happened, happened sealing containing Ni2 +, F- and other waste.

     2, water and waste emissions reduction measures

     Reduction of waste and waste water control measures have a reasonable time to manipulate and control the loading angle cut out of the bath volume, try using two three countercurrent rinsing, reducing water consumption. After etching and degreasing washing water for washing after alkali corrosion, oxidation, etching and washing water is used for degreasing washed. Other in order to reduce or prevent the bath water and waste emissions, the production line should plan and use a variety of recovery equipment, such as etching to recover equipment, alkaline etching to recover equipment, in addition to aluminum anodizing equipment, color liquid RO recovery equipment, electrophoresis painted RO recovery equipment, the use of these devices can recover the amount of waste water and waste emissions to the maximum limit, together with the maximum limit also reduces the production costs.

     3, aluminum exterior disposal of wastewater disposal principles and methods

     Aluminum outer disposal of wastewater occurs mainly acid wastewater, rich in Ni2 +, Sn2 +, F- and a few other harmful ions, disposal methods are acid-base neutralization. Wastewater is usually acidic and alkali to be added, adjusting the PH value to 7 to 8.5 or so. Together cation and in the process of Al3 +, Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Cr3 + and so constitute hydroxide deposition. By neutralizing the waste deposited into the aggregation tank with a pump, together with a metering pump into the polyamide dissolved good flocculation agents and wastewater aggregation, after aggregation of wastewater into the deposit slot, deposition methods are inclined plate deposition method, flotation France, centrifugal deposition method, etc., I think is still the centrifugal deposition method using relatively stable, after the deposition, the clear liquid into the discharge tank overflow outlet from the upper reservoir overflows or re disposal. Wastewater disposal by the above emissions can be qualified, and if you want to waste water reuse, wastewater can be disposed of at the moment after the coarse filter through into the RO equipment, remove the remaining ions, organics, water PH value can now low, through anion and cation exchange equipment adjustment after arrival reuse specifications. Timing of sludge deposition occurs into the sludge tank, after the cake plate or belt press dewatering machine into an industrial waste disposal, the disposal of industrial waste into the plant.