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Brief introduction of broken aluminium alloy doors and windows

Broken bridge aluminum alloy color doors and windows are different from the usual design of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows. Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are more like modern products, both in the design, or lighting, design, style, are more superior to the previous ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows.

The principle of the aluminum composite doors and windows, indoor and outdoor two layer Aluminum Alloy is closely connected with separated plastic profile, a new type of aluminum heat insulation, thermal insulation in his steel doors and windows at the same level. The doors and windows are insulated aluminum profiles and hollow glass, similar to the European style. The design is beautiful and generous, and has good energy saving, sound insulation, noise immunity, dustproof and waterproof functions.

The Aluminum Alloy window section thickness strictly follow the national standard, the wall thickness requirements must be above 1.4mm, because of the tight security problems related to the thickness of the wall assembly technology and composition of doors and windows, while the color of ordinary thick wall aluminum doors and windows are not very strict requirements. The broken aluminium alloy color doors and windows must be made by the professional manufacturer's cycle, and the surface is professionally treated, while the ordinary aluminum doors and windows are of poor quality and short service life. Broken bridge aluminum alloy color doors and windows are 1.4mm or more 1.4mm wall thickness, cut into 45 degrees angle, corner with more than 3mm special plug-in, through the doors and windows assembly complete sets of equipment, extrusion positioning.




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