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Causes and How to Eliminate orange peel aluminum surface defects

Sometimes orange peel surface shape after stretching aluminum wrinkles, this is actually generated by the aluminum metal surface when stress is greater than the base metal surface metal fragmentation (grain crushing), if it continues afterburner, stress will be absorbed by the table and Lane until the matrix fracture.

Causes orange peel aluminum surface defects:

Generally orange peel aluminum surface defects because of excessive tensile aluminum when stretched. Generally thicker wall thickness, the shorter length of the bar, in order to ensure the straightness profiles to prevent twisting, the more prone to artificially increase the amount of stretch when.

Orange peel aluminum surface defect elimination approach:

(A): The pliable twisted aluminum to strengthen the repair mode, the control aluminum straightness.

(B): to increase traction in the aluminum extrusion is still hot, hot in the material stage to preclude the use of roof profiles, pressure and other corrective measures (taken to prevent deformation profiles)

(C): Control Aluminum stretch rate, in order to ensure the quality of both surface straightness, stretching strictly controlled within the upper curvature of the customer requirements.

(D): Control Aluminum stretch rate, in order to ensure the straightness of both the surface quality, profiles and stop printing at a stretch two deformable portion cut much more.