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China in the second half expected to enhance the export of semi-finished aluminum

According to Beijing August 21 news, industry sources said Chinese producers of semi-finished aluminum exports are expected to improve in the second half to order in small consumer are facing domestic pressure on the occasion of the credit crunch, take advantage of the opportunity of strong international aluminum prices .

Traders said strong exports of semi-finished aluminum may be to replace aluminum, which constitutes a record premium aluminum pressure.

Chinese exports of semi-finished aluminum or boost Chinese demand for primary aluminum.

A state-owned producer of primary aluminum and semi-finished aluminum business manager, said: "Many companies are looking to focus on the export of aluminum sheet metal and other." The manager declined to be named, because not authorized to speak to the media.

"Is expected in the second half of semi-finished aluminum exports will increase."

International prices, while domestic demand sluggish construction industry, which have facilitated the export of semi-finished aluminum, and with respect to the terms of primary aluminum, semi-finished aluminum as well as tax advantages.

The credit crunch has led to a small semi-finished aluminum buyers in recent months deferred payment, which further encourage exports.

Export volume is expected to increase aluminum plates, etc. in the second half than the first half. The first half of this year, exports of semi-finished aluminum increased by 3.7%, to 1.54 million tons.

Most semi-finished aluminum has tax advantages, aluminum semi-finished products export tax rebate rate of 13%, while primary aluminum export tax of 15%.

Traders said some exports of aluminum sheet aluminum substituted for the manufacture of other products, due to the international market hit a record high premium aluminum remelt after.

An international trading company, traders said strong demand in South America and the Middle East.

Traders said this week the Chinese spot aluminum sheet aluminum premium over LME spot price of high 250-300 yuan / ton, FOB benchmark.

This week, destined for South Korea's stock of primary aluminum per ton premium over LME spot about aluminum high of $ 390, Japanese buyers agreed to pay a record $ 400 premium aluminum in the quarter.

LME spot price of aluminum has risen since the end of June to about 10%, about US $ 2,056 a tonne on Thursday. Chinese spot aluminum prices since the end of June has risen 7 percent, to about US $ 14,240 per tonne.