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Crystal Beach Aluminum Technology Introduction

Crystal Beach Aluminum is a newly developed in our new surface treatment of aluminum, is a traditional aluminum powder coating and electrophoretic upgrading products, the national patent for water-based paint surface coating of aluminum, making this new aluminum products have rich colors, excellent fullness, outstanding gloss, adhesion and weather resistance superior advantages like. Meanwhile, the aluminum addition to the traditional aluminum containing harmful benzene, aldehydes shortcomings, is a national key recommendation of the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving aluminum.

Crystal Beach aluminum for the production of interior sliding door, sliding cabinet, cabinets, closet, wall cabinets, high-end office partitions and hotels, guesthouses heavy door. Traditional powder coating, electrophoresis aluminum alternative.

Product Features; excellent weather resistance, excellent stability and durability, quality and excellent consistency, ideal gloss and color retention, color, colorful and bright, safe and harmless to human body and environment-friendly.

Compared with the traditional surface treatment of aluminum, aluminum prices are relatively high grain swim, surface treatment process requirements more and more complex. As the market's common, fierce competition, I believe Crystal Beach aluminum prices will become closer.