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Features of broken aluminium profile doors and windows

The principle of bridge type aluminum compound window is the use of plastic material (thermal insulation aluminum profile is 1250 times higher than the two layer) indoor Aluminum Alloy is separated and connected into a whole, aluminum to form a new kind of heat insulation type, in this section to do the doors and windows, the heat insulation and plasticity (steel) in the window the same level -- the national standard, completely solve the Aluminum Alloy heat conduction fast, does not meet the requirements of energy conservation and fatal problems, some new structure and form, completely solve the "problem Aluminum Alloy sliding window seal". Both sides of the product are aluminum, and the middle part is made of plastic profile cavity. This innovative structural design, taking into account the advantages of plastic and aluminum alloy two materials, while meeting the decorative effect and the strength of doors and windows and many requirements of aging resistance. Super broken bridge aluminum and plastic profiles can realize the three sealing structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, realize the balance of air and water balance, and improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows. This window air tightness are better than any aluminum and plastic, to ensure that large areas of sand and dust free indoor windowsill floor; to ensure the Highway 50 meters on both sides of the residents is not affected by noise, its performance is close to the casement window.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows profiles section wall thickness strictly follow the national standards. Wall thickness requirements must be above 1.4mm, because wall thickness relates to the assembly technology and the solid security of the doors and windows. And ordinary color aluminum doors and windows thickness requirements are not very strict, generally in accordance with the market and processing windows and doors field benefits, usually around 1.0mm.

The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and assembling technology of color common color features and requirements of the aluminum doors and windows color aluminum doors and windows is through 1.4mm or 1.4mm and above the wall thickness into a 45 degree angle, corner with a special plug-in above 3mm through the door and window assembly equipment. Extrusion positioning, and ordinary doors and windows are about 1mm of ordinary angle aluminum with pull rivets connected, its strong, poor safety, but low cost. And the assembly of color broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, adults standing on the move, there will be no problem. The assembly of the complete equipment and the assembly by manual field operation are very different in technical requirements. Special broken bridge aluminum profiles and ordinary aluminum profiles are not comparable.

The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows color is the aluminum manufacturers specializing in the production cycle and its surface color customized processing professional technology, use the term is permanent, while the ordinary color aluminum doors and windows just by any kind of ordinary aluminum, without professional treatment of a color painting you want, no aluminum manufacturers processing technology in place of professional painting effect and the service life is not too good, too long will fade fade phenomenon, called leather gland, which determines the color of aluminum doors and windows is the production of long production cycle, while the ordinary color aluminum window production characteristics of short cycle.

The design of color aluminum window and ordinary aluminum doors and windows is not the same, the bridge design pattern. The atmosphere light permeability, according to different space design, while the ordinary aluminum doors and windows can only be designed by conventional mining transparent light, broken window window design is a special design, the casement hardware, and general aluminum is any kind of hardware can be used, poor appearance.

The window must be hollow glass 5mm+9A+5mm double tempered, and ordinary color aluminum are generally single glass, so the sound insulation effect is good.




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