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How to choose industrial aluminum

How to choose industrial aluminum? Whether you are the owner or purchaser, the problem will encounter. Industrial aluminum choice from three aspects to consider, namely the various factors hardness, workability, weldability.

     1. Hardness: many customers in the purchase of aluminum is very concerned about the hardness of the first alloy chemical composition has a direct relationship. Secondly, different states have a greater impact from industrial aluminum can reach maximum hardness, the 7 Series, 2 lines, 4 lines, 6 Series, 5 Series, 3 Series, 1 Series, in descending order.

     2. Processing: Processing performance package insert forming properties and machinability. Because formability with the state, in the choice of alloy grades, need to consider the strength of the scope of the various states, usually high-strength material is not easy to shape. If Taiwan were to be on the aluminum bending, stretching, deep drawing and other forming process, complete formability optimal annealing state of the material, whereas the heat treatment of materials forming the worst.

     3. Welding: welding aluminum majority had no problems, particularly section 5 series aluminum alloy, is designed for welding and design considerations, the relative surface words, Part 2 and 7 Series aluminum is difficult to weld.

     In addition, the strength of the aluminum industry is an important factor that must be considered in product design, as it is the aluminum component as the component should be based on the pressure, select the appropriate alloys.

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