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How to judge the aluminum alloy profile is good or bad?

Aluminum alloy profile identification method:

1, see the degree of oxidation: optional in the profile of the surface of a dash to see if the surface of the oxide film can be erased. Of course, this should not be carried out directly on the window, the owner can show the material business in the business.

2 to see the color: the same aluminum alloy color should be consistent, such as color is obvious, that is not recommended. General normal aluminum alloy section color for the silver-white, uniform texture, if the color Diablo, can be judged as the recovery of aluminum or scrap aluminum forging made of.

3 to see flatness: check the aluminum alloy surface, should be no depression or bulging. Regular manufacturers of aluminum processing, the surface smooth, bright, if it is a small workshop due to the machine or raw materials, profiles will appear slightly concave and convex surface, this aluminum alloy synthesis of the balcony window is easy to oxidize and deformation.

4 to see the intensity: the purchase, the hand can be bent bending profile, if the effort will bend the profile, then you can determine, aluminum strength is not up to standard, and the other is not the harder the better strength, aluminum has a certain toughness, Hard materials, the use of this feature was good forging into a different shape, so the owners need to look for the brand when buying, carefully observed.

5 to see the thickness: commonly used 70,90 series of aluminum window profiles, the wall thickness should be 1.2-2.0 mm. Balcony window aluminum wall thickness of the national standard for the 1.2mm, Lu Meng opened a balcony window wall thickness 1.4-1.6, frameless window upper and lower beam thick parts of the most thick up to 3-4mm, far more than the national standard.

6 Gloss: aluminum alloy doors and windows to avoid the purchase of the surface with open bubbles and ash, as well as cracks, burrs, skinning and other obvious defects in the profile. If there is the above phenomenon, can be judged as the recovery of aluminum or scrap aluminum secondary processing molding, such materials due to uneven texture, alloy ratio of chaos, when the late prone to cracking oxidation.


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