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Problems and methods to be noticed in stamping process of industrial aluminium profile

Problems and methods to be noticed in stamping process of industrial aluminium profile

Aluminum alloy stamping because the material is relatively soft relative to the metal iron, expensive, easy to break and part of the aluminum alloy products need to follow-up processing, such as drawing, anodic treatment, etc., in the stamping production is particularly prone to top injury, scratch, Manufacturing to pay special attention to the following:

1. For the case does not affect the number of projects in the case of punching as far as possible behind the project punching, and even for the number of punching more products can be considered more to do a project should also be punching behind the red.

2. Aluminum is relatively soft and the mold is easier to block material, so when the design of the mold put the gap should be placed on the bilateral material thickness of 10% of the gap, the depth of the knife to 2MM is more appropriate, the taper to 0.8-1 ° for the appropriate.

3. Bending molding, due to the aluminum material is easy to produce aluminum in the bending, will cause injury, indentation, aluminum raw materials need to paste PE film, in the case of roller and electroplating, forming blocks to polished hard chrome Is better.

4. For the need to be processed after the stamping parts, if flattened, push flat process 180 °, the product can not be completely pressed, complete pressure will produce spit acid phenomenon, need to stay 0.2-0.3MM seam, so that acid smooth Timely outflow, so in this process must be done limit block and calibration mold is higher than the mold.

5. Because the aluminum material is more brittle, easy to crack, especially in the case of rebuffs, so try not to do pressure line, even if you want to do, but also to make a little wider, lighter.

6. All pieces of aluminum are required to use a slow wire cut to prevent burrs and blanking is not smooth phenomenon, aluminum parts are prone to high temperature, so the red hardness requirements of more than 60 °, at least with SKD11 material above, not D2 difference Quality of the child.

Aluminum material is softer, so in the stamping production is extremely easy to produce top injury, crush, scratch, deformation, in addition to the requirements on the mold, the stamping production should also do the following:

1. To make aluminum pieces stamping done, reduce the non-performing rate, first of all to do 5S, especially clean, including molds, punching table, assembly line and packaging materials must be no sharp debris, no dirt regularly clear rectification, Mold up and down must be clean, no debris.

2. found a large product burrs must be sent to mold maintenance and with the reminder to the results.

3. Aluminum parts are more prone to heat, and backlog together hardened, so in the punching material to be coated on the material pressure pressure oil (that can be heat, but also successfully clear the blanking) and then stamping.

4. Punching more products need to do what to clean up the surface of the mold look, do mold ﹑ product forever clean no debris, reduce the top injury, found the top injury must be the top of the mold to find and solve the problem can be resolved produce.

5. Push the mold to push the block will produce aluminum chips, so push the block every day after the end of the production must be washed to push the block below the aluminum scrap.

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