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Recycled aluminum industry, the prospects for geometry? - Aluminum, aluminum bridge

Recycled aluminum as a more eco-friendly aluminum, using increasingly high proportion in developed countries, the country also began to develop recycled aluminum industries. A few days ago, in order to promote the development of secondary aluminum enterprise, innovation and industrial upgrading, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch in Yongkang held in 2014 aluminum industry technology and market seminars regeneration.

Reporters learned that, from January to June, the domestic production of 2.35 million tons of recycled aluminum, an increase of 2.2%; the same period, China imported 1.093 million tons of scrap volume, compared with 1.13 million tons during the same period last year, a decrease of 3.3%. Since entering the second quarter, Alcoa market has improved, aluminum back up channel. As of July 22, Shanghai aluminum main contract has risen 10.27%, the latest offer for 14,125 yuan / ton. However, although the situation has improved, but the whole secondary aluminum industry profits are still meager, business difficulties.

"Promoting the development of renewable non-ferrous metal industry, for the promotion of fundamental change in use of resources is significant." Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division Director of comprehensive utilization of resources saving statement said Raven, recycled aluminum businesses of their own energy-saving, environmental protection , safety and technical innovation, etc., should have higher requirements.

It is understood that the developed countries attach great importance to the use of recycled aluminum, recycled aluminum in Japan accounted for 95% the proportion of primary aluminum, the United States accounted for more than 52%, Germany accounted for more than 54%, while China's current recycled aluminum accounted for only about 20% far behind the developed countries.

According to reports, each producing one ton of alumina 1.9 tons of electrolytic aluminum consumption demand, need electricity 14 500 degrees, and will emit fluoride, causing environmental pollution. In recent years, China's aluminum industry consumption accounted for about 5% of the country's generating capacity, energy saving enormous pressure. And to scrap as the main raw material to produce recycled aluminum, energy consumption is only 3% of aluminum, waste emissions will also be reduced more than 95%, and can be recycled many times, with low energy consumption, low emissions, the process is simple, etc. excellent performance.