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Talk: aluminum industry go?

China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association executive vice president Ren Xudong the 9th morning at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, said the key to resolve the overcapacity in the aluminum industry is the expansion of aluminum applications.

Ren Xudong noted that the current China's aluminum industry is facing overcapacity, lack of applications, and many other challenges. Especially in the application level, our goal from the development is still a wide gap. If the aluminum used in transport and construction sector to reach the level of developed countries, the country can expand the application space of about 20 million tons.

The vice president of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association literature Army held at 9 pm "Architectural aluminum formwork and scaffolding in green construction application" forum that aluminum template for the aluminum industry is a new concept, focusing on promoting colored Association 2014 applications aluminum templates, there are three main reasons: first, to resolve overcapacity; secondly, excellent performance aluminum nicely energy conservation services for the construction industry; and third, the accumulation of secondary resources for the country. Previously, the main driver of the transport association lightweight aluminum instead of steel and power industries, copper and other aspects of aluminum sections. Army literature revealed that in 2015, the Association will focus on promoting colored aluminum Casing construction industry applications.

Architectural aluminum experts in the field of architecture template forum for participants to share discussed the excellent performance of the aluminum template, template application for aluminum construction sector has played a positive role in promoting. At the meeting, Secretary-General of China Association of Miss Zhao Yajun Formwork and Scaffolding with detailed data presentation templates for future construction sector market is huge market space.

In the aluminum template market, Guangdong enterprises most foresight, learned most aluminum enterprises involved in the Guangdong province aluminum template business. In the exhibition hall, Guangdong Weiye Aluminium, respectively, in the booth Guangya Aluminum site layout templates aluminum architectural models, allowing viewers to aluminum templates have a more intuitive understanding. However, the promotion of aluminum template, you also need the relevant departments issued standards, a salesperson aluminum template Guangya said, "provincial standard in Guangdong Province has been introduced, and now look forward to the early introduction of the national standard, aluminum template for future market very confident."

In another corner of the aluminum exhibition has gathered the elite automotive aluminum industry in a lively discussion of the important role of aluminum in automotive lightweight, aluminum technology applications dedicated car radiator, aluminum special vehicle compartment structure optimization analysis hot topic, whether domestic or foreign, car aluminum market has become an understandable theme. In the hall, each exhibitor also demonstrate that their cars aluminum products, aluminum carriages, aluminum hood, aluminum wheels, radiator, transmission, although there is no vehicle lineup last year, the show, but did not back down.

In addition to automotive aluminum, the aluminum rail car market is still hot, Zhong Wang Group, Jilin Li source aluminum rail car front, body image display in the exhibition hall. At present, China mainly focused on high-speed rail line in the east, to 2015, China will concentrate on building the Midwest high-speed rail network, in addition, China's high-speed rail industry is also actively go out, there is the construction of the subway project is constantly accelerating, visible, future rail aluminum market remains can be expected.

Ren Xudong said that now, the state authorities have launched the "Thirteen Five" planning work, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association is actively seeking to expand aluminum applications included in major projects, provide strong support for the expansion of aluminum applications.

Extend the industrial chain, the development of deep processing

In fact, behind all applications but hidden challenges for the aluminum industry technology. Great to air navigation, small high-tech products in small parts, require technological breakthroughs. For example, we are currently in the field of aviation aluminum basic or blank, marine aluminum also involved much, but these applications market development are inseparable from China's aluminum industry technology several steps further.

The industry as "the most profitable (ie the highest value-added products) aluminum business" - and wins Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. of Guangdong with too is the technology to win.

According to the Guangdong and chairman of Sundstrand Lijian Xiang introduction, the company is only 30,000 tons of sophisticated aluminum products are mainly supplied to the Canon printer, Nissan's shock absorbers, Western Digital's computer hard drives and other high-end electronic products and consumer durables in the field, however, this has been achieved, due to the company's emphasis on technology research and development. 李建湘 said Alcoa wins every year and 3.1% profit on sales of investment (industry average is 0.5%) as the R & D funding, and only continue to strengthen the application of new technologies to develop aluminum products and aluminum can lead the consumer, whether the company or the industry, to sustainable development.

As an aluminum processing enterprise in Guangdong, 李建湘 also have their own views on the aluminum template that market, he said aluminum template technology is a low threshold relatively low-tech products, easy to form a get together children, surplus again, if marketing Difficult, easily to the enterprise caused the crisis in the industry reshuffle is also likely to be eliminated, so it is not recommended that the excessive development of aluminum template.

In addition to leading technology, the extension of the industrial chain is one important weapon in the industry to win. Zouping County in Shandong Weiqiao Group is the case. Wei Bridge Group is not only that they have a complete industrial chain, but also led to the rise of a number of regional-type aluminum business.

Raw materials and semi-finished products in the exhibition hall, Zouping area of aluminum companies became beautiful scenery. Zhang Ping led the richest man in Shandong Weiqiao Group as the axis of enterprises, Shandong Province innovative metal, the Great Wall of Energy Technology Co., Deli Alcoa, Qixing Aluminum and Aluminum surrounding Lu Feng, Zhang Ping Wei bridge not only because of the emergence of instead Wai Rao WEIQIAO aluminum water produced industrial clusters to rise.

Deli Technology deputy general manager of the first sheet Qin Yu said, in Zouping county, in order to weiqiao aluminum raw water for the emergence of dozens of aluminum companies, as well as the transportation cost savings in the production process part of the process, small and great the cluster effect, in Zouping great advantage.

But companies do not put as Zouping once advantage. "Because the industry situation is bad, Wei Bridge Group is also a little bit inclined towards the cost of the downstream business," the first Qin Yu said, "because the normalization of the product, does not have a strong competitive advantage, corporate profit margins are very small now, Deli company is also seeking a breakthrough technology and products. "

As an old friend Al Fair, chairman of Shandong innovative metal Cui Lixin is another thing being busy, busy accompanied Zouping county party secretary and his party in the hall for Zouping aluminum industry to a new level for answers.

Exhibition, let reporters feel the most intensive processing as well as the development of voice. Whether Shandong Zouping business, or China first adopted Haziliete continuous casting and rolling production line of high-precision aluminum Luoyang, Henan Hong Kong with Limited Longquan, were felt to extend the industrial chain, the importance of the development of deep processing.

First Qin Yu said, "We sell to customers in the aluminum foil is priced per tonne, while again after processing into the hands of consumers after piece pricing, profit margins can be imagined." The same problem plagued Luoyang Yugang Longquan minister TAO Jian record sales, he said, "because Haziliete products also need to be processed again, so it was not a good sale, so that the foreign purchase of fine lines can not reach capacity, they can not play to our strengths."

After hearing all of the recommendations, there is a message can not be ignored, that is recyclable aluminum as its lack of recovery mechanisms also promote the use of aluminum main drag. "If the recovery mechanisms mature, advanced separation technology, will greatly reduce the cost of aluminum applications, aluminum is naturally good application market opened." First Qin Yu said.

Three days of the show has ended, the reporter seems that only the industry downturn, which did not make money in the business. Enterprise To avoid cold, try not to get together and children, especially the lower threshold, not high-tech industries, be careful to join, in order to avoid excess and secondary lead industry reshuffle.

In short, the aluminum industry has made considerable progress to be spent difficulties nowadays, you need a multi-disciplinary force, both to develop new applications market, but also the establishment of appropriate institutional mechanisms necessary to conduct scientific research and innovation, but also make good use of multiple resources, only lay the portfolio, the aluminum industry to the ascendant!