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What are the advantages of aluminum doors and windows?

Aluminum doors and windows, refers to the use of aluminum extrusion profiles for the box, the tiles, fan production doors and windows known as aluminum doors and windows, referred to as aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum doors and windows, including aluminum alloy for the force of the rod (bear and transfer weight and load the rod) substrate and wood, plastic composite doors and windows, referred to as aluminum composite doors and windows, aluminum composite doors and windows.


1, the material used in the wall thickness of 1.2 high-precision titanium-magnesium alloy (hardened profile of the hardness) aluminum, by the skilled craftsmen superb technology from the special. Originated in Japan, South Korea, popular Europe and the United States, the beginning of the 21st century in China along the coast to become home decoration new fashion.

2, wide open the door width, so that the room more abundant lighting, but also more free space; and no unique design of the orbit, so that access to the barrier without access; upper hanging wheel with high-strength high-quality pulley, sliding freely, quiet Smooth, open and close when there is almost no noise, I plant R & D department of the individual experimental test, the pulley can be normal push and pull up to 10 million times; new and beautiful doors, the city itself is a small room in a beautiful scenery, so you feast for the eyes , Relaxed and happy.

Europe Chi hanging door series of products to large open style, gorgeous and classic and both the style, open to you an elegant picture of life, unlimited reverie.

3, interactive effect is good, noisy, no ground track, easy to clean.

4, the characteristics of glass with high-quality titanium alloy aluminum alloy refined, semi-permeable or impermeable glass to show the personality of the beautiful space;

5, no deformation, no discoloration, easy to damage, save space, with a flexible, simple and beautiful.

6, good durability, easy maintenance and use. Aluminum doors and windows are not rust, do not fade, do not fall off, almost no maintenance, spare parts life is extremely long. Decorative effect is elegant. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have artificial oxide film and color formation of composite film, this composite film is not only corrosion, wear, have a certain fire resistance, and high gloss. Aluminum doors and windows due to light weight, processing and assembly of precision, accurate, and thus open and close light and flexible, five noise. In line with the modern decoration of the pursuit of elegant style trend.


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