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What are the specific industries used in industrial aluminum?

What are the specific industries used in industrial aluminum?

1, transportation (including automobile manufacturing, rail transportation).

2, equipment and machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

3, durable consumer goods industry (including light industry).

4, transportation, equipment and machinery and equipment manufacturing, durable consumer goods industry in China's aluminum applications accounted for about 10%, 10% and 12%. In the same period, the consumption ratio of aluminum consumption in Europe, North America and Japan was 60%, 55% and 40% respectively, which was much higher than that of China. It is expected that in the next 5 ~ 10 years, China's industrial aluminum consumption The amount will continue to grow, the proportion of aluminum products will be about 30% rise to 2015 about 45 to 50%.

5, aluminum-plated titanium technology, is the coating technology It is in the conventional titanium plating process on the basis of pre-plating and electroplating process steps, aluminum process is the activation of the plating parts placed in salt and hydrochloric acid in aqueous solution for chemical treatment The plating solution contains the advantages of nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, sodium dodecyl sulfate, saccharin and brightener. The process has the advantages of simple, practical and good effect. The titanium alloy Its film hardness HV ≈ 1500, under the same conditions than the plating 22K gold wear 150 times, can be processed into various forms of gold, color, black and other bright series of aluminum products.

6, building aluminum building aluminum profiles mainly include doors and windows aluminum and curtain wall aluminum;

7, radiator aluminum is mainly used in various types of power electronic equipment cooling, LED lighting cooling, and computer digital products such as heat.

8, industrial aluminum general industrial aluminum refers to: mainly used for industrial manufacturing, such as automated machinery and equipment, the cover of the skeleton and the company according to their own mechanical equipment requirements of a model, such as pipeline conveyor belt, hoist , Dianjiao Ji, testing equipment, shelves, etc., the electronic machinery industry and clean rooms.

9, auto parts aluminum is mainly used for auto parts, connectors and so on.

10, furniture, aluminum profiles are mainly used for furniture decorative boxes, tables and chairs support pieces

11, solar photovoltaic profiles include: solar aluminum frame, solar photovoltaic stent, solar photovoltaic tile fasteners and so on.

12, rail vehicle structure aluminum alloy profiles: mainly used for rail vehicle body manufacturing. Aluminum alloy profiles with light weight, good shape, high strength, corrosion resistance, recyclable and other characteristics, in recent years, aluminum and aluminum alloy in the field of rail vehicles more and more widely.

13, mounted aluminum: made into aluminum frame, mounted a variety of exhibitions, decorative painting.

14, medical equipment, aluminum is mainly used in: stretcher frame, medical equipment, medical beds and so on.

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