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What is the difference between aluminum anodic oxidation and chemical oxidation?

Aluminum anodic oxidation process

1, the concept of anodic oxidation

Aluminum alloy placed in the corresponding electrolyte and the specific process conditions, the use of electrolysis to form the surface of the process of alumina film, known as the anodic oxidation of aluminum. Anodizing, if not specified, usually refers to anodic oxidation of sulfuric acid.

2, the role of anodic oxidation

(1) protection: to improve the wear parts, corrosion resistance, weather corrosion resistance.

(2) decorative: made of bright color film, as a color film.

(3) Insulation: as the capacitor dielectric film, aluminum coil insulation film, per micron thickness can withstand 25V voltage.

(4) to improve the adhesion with the organic coating: for the coating of the bottom.

(5) to improve the adhesion with the inorganic coating: for plating, enamel the bottom.

(6) the development of other functions: in the porous membrane deposition of magnetic alloy for the memory components, solar absorption panels, ultra-high hard film, dry lubricating film, catalyst film.

Chemical oxidation of aluminum

1, the concept of chemical oxidation

The use of chemical treatment of aluminum surface, through the chemical reaction to the surface oxidation, resulting in a stable anti-rust oxide film, known as the chemical oxidation of aluminum. Chemical oxidation process according to the nature of the solution can be divided into alkaline oxidation and acid oxidation two categories.

2, the role of chemical oxidation

(1) to strengthen the anti-rust ability of aluminum alloy.

(2) can play a stable contact with the role of electricity.

(3) thinner conversion film (about 0.5 ~ 4um), soft, conductive, porous, good adsorption capacity, usually as a paint or other paint the bottom.

(4) does not change the mechanical properties of the material.

(5) equipment is simple, easy to operate, cheap.

(6) does not affect the workpiece size.

The difference between anodic oxidation of aluminum and chemical oxidation

(1) anodic oxidation is carried out in the case of high voltage, it is an electrochemical reaction process; chemical oxidation does not need electricity, but only in the medicine soak on the line, it is a pure chemical reaction.

(2) anodic oxidation takes a long time, often tens of minutes, while the chemical oxidation only takes a few short seconds.

(3) Anodic oxidation of the oxide film thickness of about 5 - 20 microns (hard anodic oxide film thickness of up to 60-200 microns), with high hardness, good heat resistance and insulation, corrosion resistance Higher than the chemical oxide film, porous, have a good adsorption capacity. The chemical oxidation of the film is only 0.01-0.15 microns, soft and not wear, corrosion resistance is lower than the anodic oxide film, generally should not be used alone.

(4) oxide film is inherently non-conductive, but because the chemical oxidation of the film is really thin, so you can conduct electricity.

(5) chemical oxidation treatment equipment is simple, easy to operate, high efficiency and low cost, wide range of applications, not limited by the size and shape of parts, can oxidize large parts and assemblies (such as spot welding, riveting pieces, Slender tubes, etc.). After chemical oxidation coating, can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of parts.

Aluminum oxide oxidation process in the construction industry, aviation and aerospace industry, electrical and electronic industry, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, transportation and other fields has been widely used. At the same time with the development of these industries, they are increasingly demanding aluminum oxide processing technology, aluminum two anodizing and chemical oxidation of the two treatment process is currently the most widely used, two oxidation process also has Their advantages and disadvantages, according to the characteristics of the product to choose the best option.

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