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When the aluminum extrusion mold EDM points to note

Aluminum extrusion mold EDM to note the following points:

1, line cutting extrusion mold hole with a current work to stabilize, after cutting the mold uniform pore size, pore wall formation;

2, when cutting aluminum extrusion mold hole current is not easy to work with too large to prevent the molten layer is too thick, because the molten layer is one of the main die hole working with brittle flaking, processing discharge gap control at 0.01mm;

3, EDM extrusion die at work with an empty knife, the current difficult too large to prevent burns machined surface discharge gap control at 0.05 ~ 0.1mm, 1mm when removing the electrode from the work with the highest point when crude hit an empty knife polished, according to the width of the correction electrodes work with face die hole into curved (requires its surface Euparagonimus roughness is lower), change polarity, finishing, this would ensure that the processing in place, and clean air knife vertical smooth, reduce product surface mold line.

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