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Acid Cleaning Of Green And Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Manufacturer

Acid pickling is an inevitable process in the surface treatment of metal, especially the pickling of steel materials. The traditional acid pickling high pollution has been broken confidence, no matter how good environmental protection aluminum manufacturers, it will be in the near future to end, this is the inevitable progress of backward elimination, is also the first meaning of environmental protection aluminum manufacturer pickling.

Aluminium profile manufacturer

The second meaning is the concept of green environmental protection aluminum manufacturer is not a simple acid pickling, but the pickling system including: it, with no volatile acid characteristics, acid, acid online recycling environmental protection aluminum manufacturer processing, pickling of the sequence after the effects of surface treatment and solution that is not a single process. Therefore, only acid and sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid can be replaced by phosphoric acid and organic acid.

So, what are the conditions for the acid cleaning of the green and green aluminum profile manufacturers?

First, there is no waste gas in the production process.

Secondly, the production efficiency is greatly improved.

Third, it must be regenerated and recycled.

Fourth, reduce the cost of comprehensive production and improve the quality of the product.

Fifth, wastewater after treatment can all reuse, achieve zero emissions.

Looking at these conditions is not very difficult to achieve. In fact, this is a problem that traditional acid washing has not solved. However, the pickling of green environmental aluminum profiles manufacturers has done that. This is also a fundamental factor in the gradual replacement of the traditional pickling social status by the environmentally friendly aluminum manufacturers.