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Aluminum Profiles Manufacturer Introduces Quality Defects Of Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall

What are the common quality problems and prevention measures for aluminum panel producers?

Aluminium profile manufacturer

The surface of the board is uneven, vertical, narrow and uneven.

1, the reasons are: the level of the skeleton is also vertical, the difference is poor, the elevation is uneven, the installation of the board is poor, and the holes are misplaced.

2. Prevention and control measures:

(1) from the installation of embedded parts to expansion bolts, we must seriously operate. When the skeleton is installed, the horizontal and vertical lines must be leveled, then the theodolite will be checked for acceptance of the process.

(2) the location of the plate and skeleton must be accurate.

(3) the installation of the board can not be arbitrary, and it must be installed according to the location of the plan and the elastic line. Before installation, the size and shape of the plate should be inspected and checked to install correctly.

The sealing of joints is not strict, uneven, and there are bubbles and seepage.


(1) there is no foam of polyethylene in the seams to plug the surface of the plate. When the sealant is perfused with a sealant, the end of the sealant is formed to form a certain pressure, so that the seams are not tightly bonded to the seams, and the seal is not strict.

(2) the operation of the workers is unskilled, the distance from the gap between the muzzle of the seam is not consistent, the pressure is uneven, the thickness is uneven, the joint is more, the air is brought into the sealant, the surface of the sealant is not straight, the bubble and water seepage are caused.

(3) material problem: the quality of silicone sealant has problems.

2. Prevention and control measures:

(1) good selection of materials and good performance of tools;

(2) carefully fill in the sealed padding. The distance between the filling surface and the plate surface is consistent. The sealant is embedded in the same depth, so that the seams are dense and the seam surface is straight.

(3) the aluminum manufacturer said that the operator's technology must be skilled, keep the seam gun stable, keep the speed uniform, the distance is consistent, and the air is excluded with the inlay, so once the bubble appears, it will break it and remove the gas with the flat.