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Aluminum Profiles Manufacturers Introduce The Causes And Solutions Of Industrial Aluminum Profile Defects.

Industrial aluminum profiles in the work will be caused by the uneven flow of metal waves, twisting, bending and other profile defects, light leads to the appearance of the shape, the weight will be rework, increase the cost of capital waste, the following aluminum profile manufacturers in detail to introduce the main causes of aluminum profile defects in industrial industry and the main reasons. Terms of settlement。

Main cause

1, the design of extrusion die for aluminum profile is unreasonable, resulting in uneven metal flow.

2, the extrusion speed and extrusion temperature of aluminum profile are high, which will lead to uneven metal flow.

Standard mold 3, Aluminum Alloy pore distribution unreasonable will cause uneven metal flow;

4. The guide road is not suitable or uninstalled.

5, the lubrication is not suitable.

Terms of settlement

1, trimming aluminum alloy extrusion die work belt will make metal flow more uniform.

2. Adopt reasonable extrusion technology and use low temperature extrusion as far as possible to ensure outlet temperature.

3. The rational design of aluminum extrusion die structure;

4, configure the appropriate guide;

5, reasonable lubrication;

6, using aluminum extrusion traction machine traction extrusion.