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How Is The Prospect Of Aluminum Profiles

  The aluminum profile is becoming more and more popular in the last two years. What about its market prospects? Let me introduce it to you.

  Aluminum is widely used in transportation, household electrical appliances, electronics and mechanical equipment because of its light quality, low price and recyclability. At present, under the premise of global emphasis on energy saving and environmental protection, the future market of aluminum materials in building, power, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, electronic and mechanical equipment and other fields is huge, and the market demand is bright. Although the market growth rate in developed countries is slowing down, but it is benefited from the rapid development of emerging countries such as China. The prediction is expected that in the next 2017-2022 years, the composite growth rate of the global aluminum market demand is about 5%. By the year 2022, the market consumption of global aluminum materials is expected to reach 65 million 660 thousand tons.

  In terms of aluminum profile, the product variety of aluminum profile manufacturers will continue to increase in the next 5 years, and the quality of products will be more and more refined. The added value of products will be higher and more energy saving and environmental protection. Specifically speaking, in the aluminum processing technology, it is developing towards a more refined direction. In the aluminum processing equipment, it is developing towards intellectualization. In the construction of enterprises, it is developing towards a big, strong and specialized direction.