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Attention To The Polishing Of Tri Acid In Aluminum Manufacturer

Three cast aluminum acid tank, although we can according to a certain ratio to adjust the brightness, but to keep the brightness, to prevent the occurrence of pitting, and continuous aluminum is not easy to control. Then we should pay attention to the control and control from the following aspects: the aluminium profile manufacturers should pay attention to the adjustment and control from the following aspects:

1. With automatic and semi-automatic wire polishing, the operators should have the experience of manual polishing for a certain period of time. So that a small amount of supplement in time. The automatic and semi-automatic lines must be adjusted to the polishing time for more than 30 seconds, which is not easy to produce defects. Otherwise, it is difficult for the aluminum manufacturer to produce the qualified product.

2, the polishing trough is carried out with the aluminum profiles manufacturer. Besides concentration and temperature, it is easy to change. It is also easy to be changed by the way of operation, the way of suspension and the number of clamping. Therefore, we need to make judgement and adjustment at any time according to the conditions of the site.

3, in particular, the spacing between the aluminum alloy materials is 1 times wider than that of the conventional anodic oxidation.

4, if we can adjust to the qualified brightness, but there are pits, should take into account the method and mode of operation: A. reduce the temperature of evaporation of water is more than B.; C. D.; shorten the polishing time; the increase of air stirring; E. washing tank and 3% nitric acid; F washing by water 40 degrees.

5. After adjusting the slots, we should adjust the conditions of the operation first, and the time is more than 30 seconds, otherwise the field is very difficult to operate and control.

6, with proper proportioning concentration and correct and skilled operation methods, a qualified product can be maintained by the continuous aluminum manufacturer.