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Attention To The Selection And Purchase Of Aluminum Alloy Cabinet

With the introduction and implementation of China's building aluminum standards, aluminum alloy cupboards are becoming more and more popular. Local real estate developers actively respond to aluminum tide, contribute to the realization of social and economic benefit of aluminum construction, according to incomplete statistics, the current building aluminum cabinets market share increased rapidly, has accounted for 50% of the entire cabinet market. Here the notes for Jiahua aluminum share buy Aluminum Alloy cabinet:

Look at the appearance color: the high quality aluminum alloy doors and windows are green white, not the usual white. If the snow is blinding, this type of material has poor sunscreen ability. It will become more yellow and straight to aging, deformation and cracking after a few years. The reason is that there is too much calcium in the profile formula. The appearance of high quality and beautiful profiles should have a complete profile. The appearance of the profile is smooth and nondestructive, the inner wall is straight, and the wall of the profile is thicker. On the other hand, there are poor quality profiles, such as bubbles, pressure injuries, cracks, etc., such as concave and convex pits, wave edge profiles and other sections, which are short and beautiful, and should not be selected.

Two see hardware accessories: high quality aluminum alloy windows and doors and windows selected hardware should be made of metal, its internal strength, appearance, quality should be durable. The key is to view the Aluminum Alloy windows welding angle is strong, neat and beautiful, hardware is complete, there is no steel etc..

Three, look at the qualification certificate: when choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, we must check whether the manufacturers have the production license issued by the Construction Committee, so we must not be cheap and use the aluminum alloy doors and windows produced by the street workshop. Their quality and service can not be guaranteed.