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Brief Introduction Of Aluminum Profile Manufacturer's Daily Maintenance Of Door And Window Hardware.

With the development of society, for hardware industry, there are more and more changes in door and window hardware product design. Every year, professional hardware manufacturers from all over the world will try their best to design their own products. At present, the powerful manufacturers use advanced technology to design more humanized functions for the products. The appearance of aluminum profile manufacturers is more fashionable, which is closely connected with the changes in home style.

Aluminium profile manufacturer

Consumers lack the ability to judge whether the hardware is good or bad. At the same time, they lack enough knowledge. However, hardware and accessories are very important in the whole door and window material. It is a standard that directly affects the comprehensive quality of doors and windows. It will have a great influence on the normal use of doors and windows and the service life of the doors and windows. Because the size of doors and windows is different, whether the installation of doors and windows is professional is particularly important.

Door and window hardware is the soul of the whole inner door, including hand, lock, and hinges. Although they are small, they are very important for the aluminum manufacturer. The key to the service life of inner door is the maintenance of hardware.

Stainless steel handles, stainless steel and other "hardware" can be wiped with bright cleaning agent, so that it can increase its brightness.

Moving parts, such as hinges, wheels and casters, may reduce its performance in a long period of movement because of the adhesion of dust, and we can hold one to two drops of lubricating oil every half a year to keep it smooth.

In addition, when the lock core is not flexible enough to rotate, a small amount of black powder can be scraped from the pencil core and blow into the keyhole lightly. This is because graphite components are good solid lubricants. Avoid dropping into lubricating oil, because it will be easier to stick to dust.

Special attention should be paid to the handle rotary stretching direction, not force. In particular, we should educate children, not dangling dangling on the door handle, and aluminum producers are prone to danger and damage to inner doors.