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Cause And Solution Of Surface Damage Of Aluminum Profile

The main reasons and solutions for the surface damage of aluminum profile are as follows:

1, the main cause of surface damage of aluminum profile

(1) the surface of the ingot is attached to the surface of the ingot or the segregation of the components of the ingot. There are a lot of things out of the ingot surface segregation and ingot without homogenization treatment or homogenization treatment effect is not good, hard metal particles in ingot memory of a certain amount, in the extrusion process of metal flowing through the work zone, these metal particles segregation or hard to damage in the attachment of the work or work surface with the final to scratch the surface of profile;

(2) the mould cavity or working belt has sundries, and the hardness of the mould working belt is low, so that the surface of the working belt is injured when it is extruded and scratches the profile.

3. There are hard inclusions in the exposed metal or graphite strip on the material track or in the pendulum bed, and the surface of the profile surface is scratched when the material is contacted with the profile.

(4) when the forked bar sends the profile to the pendulum bed, the profile damage is caused by the fast speed.

5. In the pendulum bed, the material is scratching;

Between the sections in the transport process of mutual friction or extrusion damage

2, the solution to the cause of the surface damage of the aluminum profile

(1) strengthening the control of the quality of ingot;

(2) improving the quality of mold repair, nitriding of the mould regularly and strictly executing the nitriding process.

The soft felt will profile and AIDS isolation, minimize the damage profile and auxiliary contact;

In the production, we should take light and light, and try to avoid pulling or turning the profiles at random.

Put the profile in the material frame, and try to avoid mutual friction.