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Causes And Measures For Producing Bubbles In Aluminum Alloy Profiles

The characteristics and inspection methods of aluminum alloy profiles: the surface of the castings has a bulge of different sizes or a hole formed under the skin.

Aluminum alloy profile

The causes are as follows: 1, the filling degree of metal liquid in the injection chamber is too low, which is usually controlled at about 45%~70%, which is easy to generate the volume gas, and the initial injection speed is too high. 2, the mold is not reasonable in the pouring system or the exhaust is bad. 3, the melting temperature is too high, so that its gas content is higher, the melt is not degassed. 4, the mold temperature is too high, the time of mold retention is not up to standard, the time of metal solidification is not enough, the strength of aluminum alloy profiles is not enough, too early, the pressure gas expands. 5, release agent, the excessive amount of oil injection. 6, the time of blowing after spraying is not long enough, and the surface water of the mold is not blown dry.

Preventive measures: 1. The switching points of the die-casting process parameters, the pressure velocity and the high pressure ejection speed during the adjustment. 2. Modify the runner of the mold and add the overflow slot and the exhaust slot. 3, the aluminum alloy profile reduces the mold temperature in the defect area, thus reducing the pressure effect of the gas. 4, adjust the melting process, 5, prolong the retention time, and adjust the blowing time after spraying. 6. Adjust the dosage of demoulding agent and injection oil.