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He Three Major Minefields Behind The Fire Of All Aluminum Furniture

The aluminum alloy furniture has a deeper development space in the space application of home furnishings. Whether it is from the perspective of green environmental protection or from the production of aluminum production industry, all the industry people have seen the hope. Compared with solid wood furniture, the biggest feature of aluminum alloy furniture is green environmental protection, but the development of all walks of life is not going to be plain sailing. All aluminum furniture is no exception, more will experience the baptism of the market, from immature to mature stage development.

So, the future of the development of all aluminum furniture should avoid which minefield?

Minefield 1: lack of standard standard for Industry

The lack of industry standard standards will lead to a series of problems. For example, at the beginning of the industry, the establishment of standard standards is very important for the market, products, producers and consumers. The establishment of high standard standards will help to guide the healthy competition of the market, improve the quality of products, accelerate the technological innovation and lead the industry to develop healthily and continuously. Like the current wood furniture development, has formed a set of design technology, product standards, procurement technology, technology, technology acceptance and test methods of industry standards, standard for wood processing, material processing and product sheet and adhesive processing products processing requirements of a clear regulations. Therefore, it is very important for the development of all aluminum furniture to draw on the experience of the development of solid wood furniture and the formulation and improvement of the standard standard of the industry. A series of problems, such as the quality adjudication of all aluminum furniture, the quality of the processing level, the subsequent maintenance and recovery service, should be measured by the standard level.

Minefield two: the product tends to be homogeneity

Product plagiarism is one of the performance of the products in the market. Believe that whether it is now the real wood furniture industry or in the door and window market, the problem of plagiarism between products is more serious. The cause of this problem is not only the lack of industry standard, but also a very important reason that is driven by profit value at the beginning of the market, and the manufacturer lacks a sense of "innovation promoting productivity". This problem is particularly prominent among some small and medium-sized enterprises. For small and medium-sized manufacturers in the market, the time and cost to invest in developing a new product is huge. There is a certain market risk. The sales prospect is not optimistic. Therefore, the healthy development of all aluminum furniture is inseparable from the cultivation of product innovation consciousness. Innovation ability is a test for the comprehensive strength of manufacturers, and is also one of the essential factors for products to get consumers' favor.

Minefield three: low added value of the product

Generally, the first factor that consumers take into consideration when choosing furniture products is the brand, and the next is the price. Here, we think that the brand represents the level of the added value of the product. From the perspective of consumers, besides the application of furniture material, design sense and functional practicability, the level of after-sales service is also the key concern of consumers. From the perspective of enterprises, in the future, it will be highly competitive for consumers to solve some pain points in life and provide consumers with more valuable furniture products. The early doors and windows from the system doors and windows, solid wood furniture from the custom furniture change all confirm the product's high value-added development direction. Similarly, all aluminum furniture is no exception. In the future, all the aluminum furniture will show us not only the connotation of Furniture Customization and individuation, but also the era of smart and humane home based on the development of the times.