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How Does The Aluminum Profile Manufacturer Explain How To Repair The Extruding Abrasive Tool?

How do you fix the mold? Generally speaking, we should correctly analyze and judge the flow velocity of metal reasonably.

Aluminium profile manufacturer

The main work of the extrusion die correction is to change the speed of metal outflow die by adjusting the proportion of metal flow distribution, adjusting the coefficient of contact friction, blocking the intercepting and adjusting the length of the die hole, so as to make the metal flow out from the die hole and produce a qualified extrusion product. . Therefore, the repair personnel of the aluminum profile manufacturers must master all the related inspection techniques. Only in this way can we correctly analyze and judge the reasons for the defects of the products, so as to correct the mold effectively.

The distribution ratio of metal supply is mainly determined by die designers and manufacturers. If the designer is not reasonable in distribution, it will lead to uneven flow velocity in all parts of the section, which will bring some difficulties to repair the mold. Compared with most dies, though the distribution of metal has been determined, the frictional resistance between metal and die can still be changed. Thus the purpose of adjusting metal flow velocity is achieved.

The friction between a metal and a mold consists of three parts: the contact friction of the metal and the die surface, the contact friction between the working belt of the die hole, and the friction between the metal and the metal relative to the movement. Improving the friction condition of metal and die surface can play a role in adjusting the speed of metal flow. Changing the metal distribution, the friction condition, the length of the work belt and the extrusion speed can adjust the speed of the metal outgoing die hole. Although there are many factors affecting the velocity of metal outflow die hole, it can be summed up as two basic factors: 1, is it appropriate to provide the metal distribution flow for each section of the section section. That is to say, the ratio of the sectional area of each section to the metal flow rate of the corresponding supply part is equal, B. When the metal flows, the size of the friction resistance, when the more metal is provided to a part of the section, the more the friction resistance will be, the faster the flow rate of the section of the profile is, and vice versa.