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How Is The Aluminum Alloy Profile Welded

n fact, almost all kinds of welding methods can be used for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy, gas welding and electrode arc welding. Its equipment is simple and easy to operate. The gas can be used in aluminum sheet of high quality requirements for welding and repair welding of castings. Electrode arc welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum alloy castings. Inert gas shielded arc welding is actually the most widely used welding method for aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles. So how did the aluminum alloy profile be welded?

Aluminum alloy profile

1, cleaning before welding: when aluminum and aluminum alloy are welded, before welding, we must clear the workpiece welding and the oxide film and oil dirt on the surface of the welding wire.

1) chemical cleaning has high efficiency and stable quality. It is suitable for cleaning welding wire and workpiece with small size and batch production.

2) mechanical cleaning: we can use mechanical cleaning when the size of the workpiece is larger, the production cycle is long and the multi-layer welding or the chemical cleaning is contaminated.

2, backing plate: aluminum alloy will have low strength at high temperature and good flow performance of liquid aluminum. When welding, weld metal will easily collapse. In order to ensure penetration and no collapse, welding plates are often used to hold molten pool and metal nearby. The plate can be used graphite plate, stainless steel plate, carbon steel, copper or copper etc.. The surface of the backing plate opens with a circular groove to ensure the reverse side of the weld.

3, pre heat pre welding: thin, small aluminum parts are generally not preheated, the thickness of 10 mm to 15 mm can be preheated before welding, according to different types of aluminum alloy profiles, its preheating temperature is not the same, we can use oxygen one acetylene flame, electric furnace or jet lamp to heat. Preheating can reduce deformation and reduce porosity of weldments.