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How The Manufacturer Of Aluminum Profile Handles Its Wastewater

How does the aluminum profile manufacturer deal with the waste water of the aluminum profile and its sewage? Today, I will introduce you to you.

Aluminium profile manufacturer

Aluminum waste water and sewage mainly contain all kinds of metal ions and suspended solids. Most manufacturers have adopted neutralization regulation and coagulation sedimentation process. The waste water produced by the aluminum profile is discharged into the neutralization tank after the discharge of the workshop, and the air is stirred in the pool to balance the water quality. After adjusting pool water balance water and water, adding alkali to adjust the pH value to keep it in 6~9, and then use the pump to pump it, send it to the precipitation pool, we should also add some flocculant in this time. Because the metal ions in the wastewater and alkali hydroxides, in under the action of flocculant, the formation of a relatively large particles of alum, rapid subsidence under the action of gravity sedimentation tank half can be directly discharged liquid.

The filter press dewatering after landfill or by pumping through the comprehensive utilization of concentrated sludge after the sedimentation tank sludge tank.

The above is the process and steps for most aluminum manufacturers to deal with wastewater and sewage.