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How To Buy Aluminum Doors And Windows

Buy aluminum doors and windows of the method:

1.Look at the whole window performance: This part of the main concern about the product heat transfer coefficient, sound insulation performance, watertight air tightness and other items in the purchase can require businesses to provide relevant inspection report.

2.Look at the material: This part of the need to pay attention to the profile wall thickness, profile chemical composition, surface treatment can meet the national standard. Here to teach you two points: hand touch and side light to see. Hand stroked the door of the border, the panel, the corner, the requirements of non-scratching, soft and delicate, and then standing on the side of the door to see the door of the paint surface whether there is convex wave. Basically rely on these two can know whether the work is qualified.

3.See glass varieties: whether there is 3C certification.

4.See Hardware: Hardware is a key factor affecting the performance of doors and windows, in the choice of attention to brand and flexibility.

5.Look at the tape: the quality of the tape is very important to the window, so be sure to pay special attention.

6.Look at the process: mainly to see the doors and windows of the patchwork, glue, assembly process is good.

7.See the installation and after-sales service: after-sales service products is also essential to reflect the product brand attitude and spirit.