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How To Deal With The Hardness Of Industrial Aluminum Alloy Profiles

If the aluminum alloy profiles with low hardness of industrial aluminum alloy profiles are applied to buildings, they will often cause the quality of buildings and other related components to decrease, which will reduce the life of buildings, and even endanger the safety of people. So in the process of producing aluminum alloy profiles, how can the hardness of the aluminum alloy profile be guaranteed?

Aluminum alloy profile

1, temperature setting and control: usually, there is a certain error in the mild apparent temperature. When setting the temperature, it should be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace. Of course, we must pay close attention to the fluctuation of temperature.

2, aluminum alloy profile aging and heat preservation: we must strictly follow the requirements of the process to make aging, keep warm time properly, prevent aging or overdue effect and make it hard enough.

By 3, not too close to Aluminum Alloy extrusion, intervals between material and material, especially small material, windtight thick interval more bigger, when the tube material and small material, plate material with a box, put the tube material which is beneficial to the aging of circulating air.

4, aluminum alloy section should be divided into 6 series of other special alloys and common 6063 alloys before aging. Because the reason of production is to be same with the aging time of the furnace, special alloy technology is needed to carry out the aging.

Extruded aluminum alloy profiles can not be used as finished products until they are low before aging. Therefore, in general, they must improve their strength through time effect. In general, time limitation can be divided into two kinds: natural aging and artificial aging. At present, the production of 6xxx aluminum alloy profiles is mainly in the future.