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How To Distinguish The Qualification Of Aluminum Alloy Profiles

Aluminum Alloy profiles can be divided into aluminum and aluminium, aluminum is below 98% aluminum, the brittle nature, only foundry casting products; aluminium is more than 98% of aluminum, its properties can be soft, rolling or stamping many kinds of utensils.

Today, let's talk about the features of the low-quality aluminum alloy profiles.

Aluminum alloy profile

1, the chemical composition of unqualified products in Aluminum Alloy doped in a large number of complex aluminum and aluminum profiles of its cost will be greatly reduced, but its chemical composition will lead to building Aluminum Alloy profile is not qualified, seriously threaten the safety of construction projects.

2, poor quality aluminum alloy profiles will greatly reduce the time of closure, but also reduce the loss of chemical reagents and reduce the cost, but the corrosion resistance of profiles is also greatly reduced.

3, the thickness of the oxide film is thin. The state standard stipulates that the oxide film thickness of the building aluminum alloy profiles should not be less than 10um. If the thickness is not enough, the surface of the aluminum alloy profiles will be easily corroded and corroded. According to the experts' estimate of the oxide film thickness of 1um per ton, the cost per ton can reduce the cost of electricity by at least 150 yuan.

Unqualified aluminum alloy profiles will cause deformation of aluminum alloy profiles and even rupture and shedding of glass due to the influence of air, rain and sunlight.