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How To Maintain The Bridge Insulated Aluminum Doors And Windows

    Now the aluminum alloy doors and windows are mainly broken bridge doors and windows, and broken doors and windows are mostly flat open (within the open down) or push and pull (to enhance the push and pull) several doors and windows. These doors and windows on the hardware requirements are relatively high, in the choice of doors and windows when the hardware must choose high-quality accessories, good doors and windows hardware can greatly extend the service life, into the summer hot weather more rain, often hot up, Shorten the life of doors and windows. Choose the doors and windows must be considered whether there will be fading, the possibility of paint down, the use of pure heat transfer wood grain technology is not easy to fall paint fade.

    "Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows of the Shachuang stealth Shachuang, invisible shade by the spring rewind, long hanging window will affect the use of reel spring toughness, resulting in the phenomenon is not easy to rewind, usually do not have time to recover as much as possible. Of the time must pay attention to, with a brush gently brush off the dust, if there is oil stains with the spirit of the spray side of the brush with a brush gently brush off.

   Insulation broken aluminum alloy is the principle of aluminum in the middle of the insulation through the bar, the aluminum cut off the formation of broken bridge, effectively prevent the heat conduction. This made of doors and windows frame fan, equipped with insulating glass, hardware, stealth Shachuang, glass glue, styrofoam, seal, etc., so that the production made of portal windows, known as the insulation bridge aluminum doors and windows.

    The advantages of high insulation, good insulation, good fire resistance, good lighting area, good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, high performance, long service life, good decorative effect, good use of the aluminum alloy doors and windows. High-grade broken bridge profile aluminum alloy doors and windows, is the first choice for high-grade building products.