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How To Solve The Low Hardness Of Industrial Aluminum Profile?

How to control the hardness of industrial aluminum profile during production and processing is the key. If there is a slight lack of qualification, it will cause users trouble. So how should we solve the low hardness of industrial aluminum profile?

1.The setting and control of 1 aluminum aging temperature, aging temperature and aging: usually, the surface of the furnace temperature display has a certain error, set the surface temperature according to the actual temperature of the furnace to set the technology and market of recycled copper Chinese and pay close attention to the fluctuation of temperature aging.

2, aluminum profile aging heat preservation: to strictly according to the process requirements for aging, thermal insulation time to be appropriate, to prevent less aging or over time and lead to lack of hardness.

By 3, not too close to the aluminum extrusion, intervals between materials and materials, especially small material, unventilated thick interval more larger, pipe material and small material, plate material with a box, put the tube material which is beneficial to the aging of circulating air.

4, aluminum furnace before 6xxx alloy and other special Alloy 6063 separate charging normal aging, because the production reason do with furnace aging, to take special alloy to the aging process.

Extruded aluminum profiles are not suitable for aging before aging. They can not be used as finished products. Therefore, in general, aging must be used to improve strength. Usually, aging can be divided into two requirements: natural aging and artificial aging. How to solve the problem of low hardness of industrial aluminum profile is mainly based on artificial aging for 6xxx aluminum production.


Tel: +86-18957322071