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Industrial Aluminum Manufacturer Analysis How To Improve Production Output

The application of aluminum industry in the new situation in more and more widely, but in the face of the vast market opportunities at the same time, industrial aluminum manufacturers are also facing the dual pressures of costs and resources, so how to improve the industrial aluminum production rate will become crucial.

Aluminium profile manufacturer

1. Advanced equipment and high quality workers are the prerequisites for improving the production rate of industrial aluminum profiles. To improve the production of extruded products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers and modern scientific management are playing a vital role. In China, aluminum extrusion industry is in the stage of structural adjustment. We should avoid low-level repeated introduction and construction, and transform the existing industrial transformation aluminum extrusion press into a modern high level industrial aluminum extrusion machine.

2, the relationship between temperature control and increase of output. In general, the maximum output is mainly determined by the speed of extrusion, but the speed of extrusion depends mainly on four factors. The first factor is the pressure of industrial aluminum extrusion machine, extrusion pressure can be extruded smoothly when the billet temperature is relatively low; the second factor is the mold design and extrusion of metal and die wall friction is usually can make Aluminum Alloy through the temperature rose to 35~62 degrees; third factors is property of the as extruded alloy is uncontrollable factors limiting the extrusion velocity, outlet temperature profiles are generally not more than 540 DEG C, otherwise, the material surface quality will decline, die mark was aggravated, and even sticking aluminum, gravure, micro cracks, tear etc.. The last factor is the temperature and its degree of control.

If the industrial aluminum manufacturer wants to improve the production rate, it can be carried out from the above two aspects, so it is believed that a great progress can be achieved.