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Preparation And Notice Of Aluminum Profile Before Welding

In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese large-scale infrastructure investment and industrialization process of the important application materials as aluminum construction and machinery industries in the areas of the whole industry, the production and consumption of rapid growth, China also became the world's largest aluminum production base and consumer market. Aluminum industry analysis report after that, the rapid growth of nearly 10 years, Chinese aluminum industry has entered a new stage of development and show many new trends. The aluminum welding preparation and precautions:

1 、 welding characteristics: aluminum and aluminum alloy has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, large heat capacity, large coefficient of linear expansion, low melting point and low temperature strength. Welding is difficult, and some measures should be taken to ensure the welding quality.

2, pipe fittings and welding wire cleaning, welding wire and crevasse in 50mm on the surface with acetone to clean, use stainless steel wire brush to surface oxide film, with metallic luster, clean up the breach must be welded in 2 hours, clean up the wire into the unused cylinder must be finished within 8 hours, otherwise again processing.

3, tungsten rods are made of cerium tungsten rods, argon is not less than 99.96%, and water content should not be greater than 50mg/m3. 4, the ambient temperature is not less than 5 degrees, or should be preheated to 100~200 degrees before welding, relative humidity control.

If you are at home or shop welding aluminum, so we need to clarify some misunderstanding following things: 1. you need at least the welding machine have a value of $4000 and the excellent welding techniques to weld aluminum; 2. do not need to practice can be completed well welding operations; 3. you need to buy expensive gun suitable for welding of aluminum.

The fact is that compact, small MIG welders can perform temporary aluminum welding operations after training, using suitable welding equipment, and performing proper parameter setting. You will be able to use MIG welders to do all of your home materials such as grills, back yard storage rooms, docks, and even decorative parts. Even home welding enthusiasts who often weld steel will find it a great challenge to solder aluminum. The reason is that the aluminum wire is very soft and the wire feeding is very difficult. In addition, the wire diameter and the welder setting, which are normally used in steel, may not be suitable for welding aluminum.



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