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Promotion Of Green Aluminum To Promote Green Economy

Large energy consumption has become the biggest constraint to China's economic development, the development of green economy has become the trend of the future, and green building is the development of green economy is an important component. Green low-carbon building decoration industry is the mainstream development trend, the practice of green decoration, is to achieve economic and social benefits of the integrated performance.

China is the world's largest producer of electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic aluminum in the use of a very wide range of industries, especially in the high-tech field, can see the figure of electrolytic aluminum. Today, 75% to 80% of the aircraft's raw materials come from aluminum, and 50-90% of the spacecraft's components are made of various alloys of aluminum. In the automotive field, the use of aluminum can greatly reduce the weight of vehicles, in order to achieve the purpose of vehicle energy conservation.

From another point of view, China's electrolytic aluminum production process of energy consumption, waste generated more, so in our traditional electrolytic aluminum production mode, environmental protection also need a lot of input. Innovation and high-tech production model will be China's electrolytic aluminum into the fundamental driving force of green production.

In terms of aluminum, electricity accounts for about half of the energy consumed in primary aluminum production. Low-power thermal power, clean energy and power development are all important in the development of China's aluminum industry to consider the development of ideas and direction.

Heat is used as a source of steam in the aluminum production process, maximizing energy savings. At the same time, recycling used aluminum to produce recycled aluminum is a good way to save energy. Recycled aluminum is a kind of aluminum alloy or aluminum metal which is obtained by re-melting and refining waste aluminum and waste aluminum alloy material or aluminum-containing waste material, with low energy consumption, low resource consumption, low pollutant discharge, low construction cost and production cost Low advantage. Recycled aluminum is mainly made of aluminum alloy, and then re-processed into a variety of aluminum and castings. With China's aluminum, home appliances, castings, as well as the development of lightweight vehicles, renewable aluminum market demand will continue to expand. According to expert research and calculation, China's renewable aluminum production energy consumption is only 4.86% of the total energy consumption of primary aluminum production, the greenhouse effect is only 1/24 of primary aluminum production, aluminum production in China is an important means of energy-saving.

Recently, the State Council issued "on the development of assembly-building guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"). Vigorously develop assembly-building, promote green building materials.

"Opinions" that the assembly of prefabricated building components is used in the site assembled from the building. The development of assembly-type buildings is a major change in the construction mode, is to promote the construction industry supply side of the important structural reform initiatives, is conducive to saving resources and energy, reduce construction pollution, improve labor productivity and quality and safety level, is conducive to promoting the construction industry and information The industrialization of the depth of integration, foster new industry new kinetic energy, to promote the elimination of excess capacity. Which promote green building materials. Improve the application of green building materials in the proportion of fabricated buildings, promote the use of high-performance energy-saving doors and windows, forced out of compliance with energy-saving environmental requirements, poor quality of the building materials. Ensure safety, green, environmental protection.

Door and window products not only look at the brand, depends on the profile of energy-saving performance of the merits of the product, it is necessary to meet user quality of life requirements, but also meet the energy-saving emission reduction standards. For example, in the building energy-saving windows and doors in the use of built-in insulating glass in the hot summer and cold winter area is one of the most effective energy saving, according to relevant data, the use of external shading facilities, residential building energy consumption decreased by about 21.3% The total energy consumption fell by 14.1%. Visible, the activities of one window outside the shade can greatly reduce the air conditioning load, energy-saving effect is remarkable