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The Internet Is Everywhere, And Can E-commerce Help Doors And Windows Manufacturers Open A New Situation?

With the continuous development of market economy, the traditional Home Furnishing trend in sales channels, Internet business channels has become increasingly prosperous. Therefore, the Internet business will replace the traditional sales channels of speech are rampant, but that really true? More entrepreneurs believe that business will help enterprises to open new doors and windows or the sales situation, but the traditional channels can not be replaced, doors and windows industry mainstream sales channels will be online and offline collaborative development, rather than single channel to fight the enemy separately.

The Internet is ubiquitous, can e-commerce help aluminum profile and window enterprises open a new situation?

The Internet is everywhere, Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong and other e-commerce platform has gradually penetrated into the lives of consumers, with the shortcomings of traditional channels has become increasingly prominent, the new sales mode soon attracted is seeking channel transformation windows manufacturers. However, the electricity supplier is not a panacea, lack of experience is the biggest mishap.

It is understood that the current large doors and windows enterprise will have set up electricity supplier channels, although not necessarily as the main business, but aluminum doors and windows more and more manufacturers began operating the electricity supplier, you not to participate, it is likely to lose this part of the market. However, although the emergence of electricity providers has provided new channels for doors and windows enterprises to compete for the market, but at the present stage, the problems of large investment capital and inadequate understanding of traditional industries to electric providers are impeding the transformation of windows and doors businesses to e-commerce business. Insiders said that the electricity supplier for most of the doors and windows business is still very new, enterprise positioning is not accurate, 80% of the enterprises in the electricity supplier has not been well managed.

The traditional channels can not be replaced, and the cooperative development on the line and line will become the mainstream

Menacing electricity supplier, electricity supplier will replace the traditional sales channels of speech are rampant, but at this stage, the traditional sales channels still has an irreplaceable place. Business leaders said: "to ensure that consumers can not buy windows product quality, is one of the most criticized for business, the traditional sales channels through the sales, consumers will have a more realistic understanding of products, services and customer service are more secure."

At present, although e-commerce channels have the advantages of convenient transaction and quick return, there are also problems such as unreliable product quality and difficult follow-up service. The impact of the rise of e-commerce channels on traditional sales channels is not serious. The relationship between the new sales channels and traditional sales channels is not the same, but more complementary. Single channel monologue of the era has passed, the doors and windows industry in the future mainstream sales channels will be collaborative online and offline, rather than a single channel to fight the enemy separately. The price convergence of two modes of electric business and entity shop is becoming more and more obvious, and the difference between the two types should be "selecting convenient" or "choosing experience". Through the combination of the two, the enterprise can have more channels for the layout of the market, and consumers will have a better consumer experience.

The development of Internet business has undoubtedly brought new opportunities for the doors and windows industry, because of the weakness of terminal sales, the rising cost of raw materials and operating costs, and the increasingly fierce price war. For doors and windows businesses, the electricity supplier is a new channel and mode. If enterprises want to seek long-term development and conform to the trend of the times, "electric shock" is very necessary. But from the current situation, the traditional channel is still the mainstream. If we know how to combine the two, the enterprises that will develop together online and offline will undoubtedly gain greater competitive advantage.