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The Knack Of Identifying The Quality Of Aluminum Alloy Profiles

To identify the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum alloy profiles, there are 6 main aspects to be referred to in the material of the material.

Aluminum alloy profile

1. aluminum alloy profile thickness: aluminum alloy sliding doors have 70 series and 90 series of two kinds, aluminum alloy profiles, the internal aluminum alloy sliding doors generally use the 70 series. The number of the series is actually the number of millimeters that represent the thickness of the door frame. There are 55 series, 60 series, 70 series and 90 series of aluminum alloy push and pull windows. The selection is determined according to the size of the window and the local wind pressure value. The aluminum alloy push and pull window used to seal the balcony should not be less than 70 series.

2. aluminum alloy profile strength: tensile strength should be up to 157 Newton per square meter of 157 millimeters, yield strength to 108 Newton per square millimeter. When choosing, you can use the hand to bend the profile properly. After the pine hand, it can see if it can be restored to the original shape.

3. aluminum alloy profile color: the color of the same aluminum alloy profile should be the same, if its color difference is obvious, then do not choose.

4. aluminum alloy profile Flatness: check the surface of aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy profiles should not be sunken or drums.

5. aluminum alloy profiles: aluminum alloy profiles, avoid bubbles and ash on open surfaces, as well as obvious defects such as cracks, burrs or shedding.

6. oxidation degree of aluminum alloy profile: the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 microns. When you choose, you can light the surface of the profile, and see if the surface of the oxide film can be erased.