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The Processing Method Of Aluminum Manufacturer To Teach You Aluminum Powder

1. Melt extrusion: this method is to heat out the metal pigment and the rest of the powder coating through a screw extruder. Aluminum manufacturers can be fully mixed with metal and powder coatings, but the orientation of metal pigments in high viscosity molten bodies is insufficient. In addition, in the next comminution process, the sheet structure of the pigment will inevitably be destroyed. When the metal powder produced by this method is constructed, its metal effect is gray. Therefore, this method is used only for the making of hammer powder.

2, dry mixing: this method is to add the metal pigment dry powder into the powder coating that has been crushed, and then mix it with a mechanical mixer. The advantage of dry mixing is that when metal pigment and powder paint are mixed, it will not be intense. Therefore, in order to prevent the deformation of sheet metal pigment, the effect of metal will not be affected either. In addition, the loose pigments and resin mixtures are also very beneficial to the orientation of the metal pigments and improve the effect of the flash.

3, the bond fixation method: this method is the metal pigment and powder coating and dry mixing, while at the same time heating, aluminum manufacturers will make the temperature just above the softening point of the resin, can this time will be fixed in the resin bonded metal pigment powder with sticky surface, thus preventing the separation phenomenon in the construction of metal pigment powder and after construction and recovery of resin powder. This is also the popular state law.