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The Purchasing Principle Of Industrial Aluminum Profile

The purchasing principle of industrial aluminum profile

First: very cheap not to choose

Aluminum cost = spot price of aluminum ingot + processing fee of extruded aluminum material + packaging material fee + shipping fee.

These are very transparent, the cost of aluminum are almost the same, significantly lower than the market price, the first possibility: less weight per meter; the second: the aluminum ingot is recycled scrap aluminum; third: Losses (not sold in actual meters).

Second: only understand the sales of materials suppliers do not choose

Most companies do not know how to use sales, only know the unit price. How to use to meet the needs of customers; how to make the most cost-effective; in different venues that kind of connection is the best; these are they can not accurately answer. Only know the cheapest recommended profiles and the cheapest connection; this connection is the lowest cost, but the most labor-intensive, but also the worst connection strength, aluminum convenience is not reflected at all, and Will bring about the transformation of the larger trouble.

Third: choose to produce aluminum-based supplier

Production-oriented aluminum supplier, are generally engaged in this industry for more than 5 years, are also users, has a wealth of practical experience, the quality and performance of the product has a good understanding and master will recommend suitable Customers need cost-effective products, choose both convenient and practical accessories.

Industrial aluminum use a very wide range of extremely versatile, it is environmentally friendly, easy to assemble and disassemble, save time and long service life is known. It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical devices with no need of welding, easy to adjust the size, easy to change the structure, strict size tolerance and high requirement of surface finish. Convenient assembly work and high productivity. The surface is anodized Treatment, anti-corrosion, spray-free, nice, can increase the added value of the product.

Suitable for applications: production lines, assembly line operation table, office partitions, screens, industrial fences and various frames, display racks, shelves, mechanical dust sealed enclosures.


Tel: +86-18957322071