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Waste Sources Of Aluminum Alloy Profiles

Lean production of aluminum alloy profiles is "committed to eliminating waste", to shorten production and delivery period, and to produce high-quality products by consuming less resources. Next, we will know the two causes of waste in the aluminum alloy profiles.

Aluminum alloy profile

1. Waste of bad goods

In the production process, any defective products are produced, and the time will cause the manpower and material resources are wasted, if the product scrap rework, material and labor market order and loss, the loss of credibility, any repairs are required to pay the extra cost. The production mode of aluminum alloy profiles is the requirement for early excavation of some bad products, finding and identifying these bad sources, so as to reduce the occurrence of bad products, and strive to achieve the "right thing to do for the first time". As far as possible, we must put an end to the generation of bad products at the source of production. We should take preventive measures to prevent any bad raw materials and semi-finished products from flowing to the latter process and pursue zero scrap rate.

Two. Waste of excessive production

The lean production mode emphasizes punctuality. That is to say, when customers need, making the quantity of aluminum alloy profiles that customers need, too much production or premature is also a waste.