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What Is The Bridge-cut Aluminum Alloy

Bridge-cut aluminum alloy window is based on the old aluminum alloy window in order to improve the performance of doors and windows insulation and the introduction of improved. The principle of the bridge-type aluminum alloy window is the use of PA66 nylon indoor and outdoor two-layer aluminum alloy is separated and closely connected into a whole, constitute a new type of insulation aluminum, according to their connection can be divided into different The use of this profile to do the doors and windows, the superior insulation, completely solve the heat conduction of aluminum alloy fast, does not meet the energy requirements of the deadly problem, while taking some new form of cooperation with the form, Aluminum alloy sliding window seal is not strict "difficult problem. The product on both sides of the aluminum, PA66 nylon in the middle to do with heat.

This innovative design, taking into account the nylon and aluminum alloy two advantages, while meeting the decorative effect and the strength of doors and windows and anti-aging performance of a variety of requirements. Super-broken bridge aluminum can be achieved three doors and windows sealed structure, a reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, the successful realization of gas and water pressure balance, significantly improve the doors and windows of the watertight and air tightness. This window is more air-tight than any aluminum, plastic windows are good, to ensure that the sandstorm area of the indoor windowsill and floor without dust; to ensure that both sides of the highway 50 meters from the residents of noise interference, its performance close to Pingkai window.

(1), outside the door frame, fan, fight Tang and other main force by the use of the wall thickness of the profile calculated by the design or experimental to determine. Section of the main force parts of the substrate minimum measured wall thickness, the outer door should not be less than 2mm, the window should not be less than 1.4mm.

(2), aluminum alloy surface treatment layer thickness should meet the following table.

(3), the appearance of the product surface should not have aluminum, burrs, oil; sealant gap should be continuous, smooth, the link should not have spilled adhesive, seal should be installed in place, there should be no disengagement.

(4), doors and windows frame fan aluminum alloy surface should not have significant color, uneven, scratches, scratches, bumps and other defects. In a glass grid, aluminum alloy surface abrasions, scratches should meet the following table.

(5), by the two or two more than the Tang door of a single door, window with a combination of doors and windows, the height of the width of the size should be consistent with GB / T5824 in the provisions of the hole size.

(6), doors and windows size and shape of the allowable deviation and frame fan assembly size deviation should meet the following table.



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